Our Mission


We have been carrying out our ministry in Northampton and the towns nearby for more than seventeen years old.

We are one of the evangelical Chinese churches in Northampton shire and stress on Bible study, nurture the new converts and equip church leaders all the time.

We confess all Scripture is God-breathed and the absolute truth of God.

We hope all the Chinese in Northampton should have the opportunity to hear the Gospel of God and knowing His unconditional love and acceptance.

We particularly welcome all the Chinese students who are studying in Northampton. Our Reverend is one of the Chaplains at the University of Northampton.

So we always have many student ministries, evangelical activities and the student care in the campus






我们认信圣经是神的默示 ,是绝对無误的真理。

我們希望所有住在诺咸顿的华人都有机会听到神的福音,认识神無條件的爱和接纳,  我们特別欢迎在本市镇攻读的中国留学生。


Our Commitment 

We are a community deeply committed to God’s mission of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and to make disciples of all nations.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are committed to being Jesus’ witness to our relative’s and friends, to our neighbors and to the end of the earth.



在圣灵的支持下,我们致力以耶稣的门徒的身份成为对我们的亲戚和朋友,以至我们的邻居, 直到世界的末日。



Our Chaplain

Rev. Philip Yip and his wife Bonnie Hui


Philip is the chaplain of the Northampton Chinese Christian Church (NCCC) and The University of Northampton.
He has served as the primary speaker in the NCCC for 17 years and in The University Of Northampton
 for ten years.

Philip and Bonnie started NCCC in 2001 and passionate about seeing God's vision for our church carried out at The University of Northampton. They have raised two churches including Northampton Chinese Church and Milton Keynes Chinese Christian Church.

葉牧師是诺咸顿(北安普敦)华人基督教会(NCCC)和北安普顿大学的教牧。 他分別在诺咸顿(北安普敦)华人基督教会和北安普顿大学担任十七演讲者以及教牧。


Church Theme 2018

Northampton Chinese Christian Church

The Church, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth

(1 Timothy 3:15b)